Why do swimming pools have signs NO Running Around Pools?

One of summer’s luxuries is our own backyard pool to enjoy. With the scorching sun it is the perfect place to cool down, relax and have fun. Who does not want to enjoy this part of summer? With Safety First, you can enjoy your own slice of heaven safely.

1 What if the pool is slippery?

One of the main reasons why the pools or floors feel slippery is because of a lack of proper pool maintenance. The chemistry of water is what makes it bacteria free and is also the reason for slippery floors. To avoid getting to this stage:

  • One of the things that can be done is to get the pool floors pressure washed yearly.

  • Proper pool maintenance can keep water clean and bacteria free.

  • Selecting a type of tile that is less slippery when wet.

  • You can also put mats where it can get slippery.

2 What if I do not take care of my slippery pool floors?

If you do not take proper care of the pool areas, then you might have a potential for slip and falls. While some injuries might be minor, it could be also be life threatening.

  • Someone who slips and falls into the pool and is not a swimmer might end up drowning.

  • If a visitor or friend or neighbor ends up with injuries, they might also file a lawsuit for slips and falls at your property.

  • You could also be responsible for payment of medical bills due to injuries at your premises.

  • Such injuries on the property could also mean an increase in insurance.

3 What can I do about prevent slips and falls on my property?

Safety First specializes in Slip and Fall prevention. We help families keep their pools safe and help them enjoy their pools by preventing slips and falls. We can treat your existing floors, showers, bathrooms, bathtubs, pool areas places where it gets wet and slippery, our treatment makes them nonslip.

  • Our treatments are quick, efficient, and easy.

  • No prior cleaning required and after the treatment the floors will look cleaner than before without changing their appearance.

We specialize in helping HOA’s and communities or property managers keep pool areas safe. We are passionate about helping our community.

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