7 Reasons to help prevent slips and falls amongst seniors and baby boomers

Slip and fall may be one of the main concerns for most seniors. The complications that arise due to falls can be devastating and even life threatening! Any kind of injury, no matter how small, usually takes a long time to heal for most baby boomers. Then there is another problem associated with injuries from falls, such as reduced quality of life and losing one’s independence, being able to enjoy a happy and healthy for as long as possible or having to move into assisted living.

Some key steps baby boomers can take to reduce their risk:

1. Declutter your home and remove things that can be a walking or tripping hazard. This can make the home easily accessible and reduce accidents.

2. Try to strengthen your body by exercise. That can not only go a long way in preventing slip and falls accidents, but also reduce other diseases. Stay active and fit with an exercise regime that suits your body needs.

3. Make sure you are well informed about health issues that may put you at a risk of slip and falls (if you have conditions like osteoporosis, arthritis etc.) There may also be medications that may cause dizziness that may increase the risk of fall. Your doctor should be able to guide you.

4. The lighting in and around your home should be always well lit. Make sure you have sufficient night lights around hallways, bathrooms etc. The lights should be able to guide you throughout the house.

5. Shoes should always be well fitting. Be careful of flips flops or loose-fitting shoes, those could cause slipping and falling hazards.

6. Then there are certain home improvements that can help make your life easier for seniors. There are a lot of easy fixes that can be done, such as including handrails in bathrooms, or handicapped accessible entryways to homes.

7. We also have an easy solution for bathtubs or showers, which is our special non-slip treatment that makes sure that seniors don’t slip and fall in tubs or showers. The treatment gives you a grip to make sure you don’t fall.

Just trying to help give baby boomers some ideas to prevent accidents and enjoy a carefree life of independence for a long time.

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